Hector “Macho” Camacho Shot in Puerto Rico


Former boxing champ Hector Camacho was shot in the face on Tuesday in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. According to multiple reports, he is now “clinging to life” and facing a very “grim” situation.

Camacho and another man apparently came under fire while sitting in a car outside the Puerto Rican capital. The man in the driver’s seat was killed; Camacho clung to life and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Per the Associated Press, a bullet struck Camacho in the jaw, exited his head, and then lodged in his right shoulder. Fox News is reporting that if Camacho does pull through, he may end up paralyzed.

As of right now, because Camacho’s brain is exhibiting very low signs of activity, doctors aren’t even sure if he will survive.

Stay tuned. We’ll keep you apprised of this situation as it develops.

(Kudos Associated Press, Fox News)

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