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Heat’s Wade Does Part to Throw Spoelstra Under Bus

The Miami Heat’s knack for playing hot potato -- in terms of who’s to blame for the team’s struggles early in the year -- is incredibly impressive.

Earlier, we explained why LeBron James was a spoiled little brat who would likely end up costing coach Erik Spoelstra his job. Now former Spoelstra-defender Dwyane Wade has stepped up to assist James (if he can't do it on the court, at least he can do it with backstabbing) in telling the media that maybe their head coach isn’t the perfect guy to coach The Greatest Show on Paper.

Here are some quotes from a lengthy Heat media session following Monday’s shoot around:

On the infamous bump

"It’s nothing we’re concerned with inside of here in the sense of everything is coming down in the Miami Heat organization. I didn’t even see the bump, so I can’t say anything about it, but I know coach and I know LeBron and both are true professionals and I think if it was a bump it was two guys just walking at the same time and just so happened to bump each other, more so than anything. It’s no disrespect. There is no disrespect in this organization.”

On being consulted about Spoelstra

“Consulted on that? That’s a little overstatement. (laughter) In this league and in sports in general, you really don’t look at it and say a coach is your guy. A coach is a coach and he has to take hard stances at times—more times than not. Players and coaches, it’s always that kind of weird type of relationship. You don’t look at him and say, ‘That’s my guy right there,’ in the sense of me. Yeah, I came in when Spo was early in his coaching career. He wasn’t even on the bench when I first came in. he’s grown to know me; I’ve grown to know him. He’s a different person and I’m a different player than when we came in. So, I’m not going to say he’s my guy but he’s my coach, you know. We listen to him and try to execute a game plan and sometimes players and coaches get into disagreements. In general, that’s life with people. It’s the nature of sports.”

On how Spoelstra is doing...

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