Heat’s Two and a Half Kings: James, Wade and Bosh


Enough already.

At some point, people will need to start facing reality and stop referring to the Harlem Globetrotters of Miami as a show starring “Three Kings.”

Chris Bosh is not a king.

When the Two and a Half Kings got together this summer there were discussions about stats dipping for the sake of winning, players finding their comfort zones with each other and all that other good stuff. That’s fine. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have clearly sacrificed something in their offensive arsenals in order to be better teammates. However, while their statistics have dipped, they have still been extremely productive for the Heat.

That hasn’t been the case with Bosh.

“I get a little lost because it’s different,” he told the Miami Herald recently.

Different hasn’t stopped James and Wade from leading the Heat, though. Different hasn’t stopped head coach Erik Spoelstra from juggling the personalities of three different prima donnas.

Different is an excuse.

Bosh isn’t suffering because he's unfamiliar with his current environment. He’s struggling because he’s overrated, plain and simple. Bosh always has been. And if he had stayed with the Toronto Raptors, he always would have been an overrated player in the NBA.

As it stands now, Bosh is averaging 14 points per game and 5.5 rebounds. That’s a considerable drop-off from the 20-and-10 player everyone remembers on the Raptors. The interesting thing, though, is that nothing has really changed in the way the power forward is playing the game.

According to Synergy Sports Bosh was in the post 35% of the time last year. This year the drop-off from that has been all of 1%. Last year, he spent 18% of touches on isolation plays. This year, that’s also only dropped-off by a mere 1%. And yet, despite the fact that his game has remained largely unchanged, Bosh’s field goal percentage has plummeted from 53% to 38%.

Clearly Bosh is getting all the same type of touches he got last year, he’s just not converting. It’s just not the same with...

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