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Heat’s LeBron James Wants Less NBA Teams

His highness, the almighty King LeBron James I, has passed down more words of wisdom regarding the NBA, life and man’s ultimate purpose in the universe (and beyond).

O.K. fine, he didn’t talk about those last two things. But while speaking with reporters, James did touch on the current state of the league and how he feels about kind of, maybe cutting a bit of dead weight.

Before beating down the Phoenix Suns on Thursday night, the Miami Heat forward delved into what made the 1980s a truly special time in the NBA’s history:

“You look back at it in the ‘80s, you had probably 10 teams that had two or three All-Stars on one team, at least. You go from Portland, you go to the Bulls, the Lakers, Detroit, Boston, Houston.”

Now, however, James believes that...

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