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Wait, Heat’s LeBron James is a Cowboys Fan?

Long-time sports front-runner and Miami Heat forward, LeBron James has decided to weigh in on the struggles facing the Dallas Cowboys this season.

After the Cowboys embarrassed themselves on Sunday Night Football in a 45-7 spanking by the Green Bay Packers, James offered these inspirational words via Twitter:

"Something has to change around Cowboy land. Some furniture moving asap. This is just ridiculous man!!!!!! C'Mon Son"

Come on son, indeed.

But the wisdom didn’t end there. Shortly after his first tweet, James offered this tidbit:

"Never thought I'd say this about my Cowboys but they are officially the worst team in the NFL right now even though the Bills are winless!"

So there you have it. The Cowboys officially suck. And remember, James is from Cleveland and has seen the Cleveland Browns play all his life, so if anyone is an authority on awful football it’s without a doubt this guy.

Interesting to note...

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