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Heat’s LeBron James is Mad at the Timberwolves

One of LeBron James’ friends, who isn’t doing anything at the moment (read: all of them), should call Boston and see if Glen Davis will release the rights to the “Big Baby” nickname.

In the latest bit of absolute ridiculousness coming out of Miami, fans should expect to see a more focused James taking on the Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday. Why? Well, it seems as though one of the Wolves’ scrubs, Anthony Tolliver, made a spoof video making fun of James’ epic fail known as “The Decision.”

James, being the level-headed, mature adult that he is, had this response to the video while speaking to the Associated Press on Friday:

“We play Minnesota twice.”

Boom. If nothing else, James proved to critics everywhere that college or no college his math skills are on point. Home and away. Twice.

We assume this...

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