Heat’s LeBron James Fires Off Strange Threat to Critics


By Alex Groberman

The Twitter world has gotten two major additions over the past six weeks. One was Kanye West, a man once considered a rap genius who has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past year. The other was LeBron James, a man once considered a basketball genius who has been making headlines for…well, you see where this is going.

When the news of James getting a Twitter account first hit the news most assumed his tweets would be well-groomed messages strictly issued for PR purposes. However, if we’ve learned anything over the past few months, it’s that James’ days of having well-crafted, thought-out PR maneuvers are dead and gone.

On Tuesday evening, James took a break from purchasing $50 million dollar Miami homes, partying it up in Vegas and chatting with “his boys” to fire off this warning shot via Twitter:

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“Don’t think for one min that I haven’t been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!”

At this point, the jokes just write themselves. If James has been able to take a “mental note” of everyone that’s been taking shots at him over the past few weeks, then his “mental notebook” must be a lot bigger than any of us thought it would be. After all, the only people not shaking their heads at James over the past few months have been his “The Decision” co-hort Jim Gray, ESPN’s Stuart Scott and maybe his mother.

James’ tweet immediately ushered in a ton of questions regarding who would be put on his new hit list. Would it be those who questioned his lackadaisical play for the Cleveland Cavaliers during their series against the Boston Celtics last season? Someone who pointed out that he couldn’t get it done alone and needed to chase a ring with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh? A curious reader wondering why exactly the profile story on James’ exploits in Vegas were pulled from ESPN.com a few weeks back?

Unfortunately, James didn’t answer any of those questions.

What did happen, though, is that a new twitter hashtag was born: #bronsmentalnotes. The best ones by far had to be:

“practice wincing and make vacation plans for May. #bronsmentalnotes”

"Buy Savannah a ring pop, Find out if thats Delonte crank calling me from Planned Parenthood, Have Chris do my laundry. #bronsmentalnotes"

"Find out if Inception will work on Kobe, Register with University of Phoenix, Buy a dog, Teach it to Dougie. #bronsmentalnotes"

"Grow a mustache, Hire a private detective for Gloria, Have Chris wash my cars, Convince Dwyane to let me wear his ring. #bronsmentalnotes"

"Give Maverick promotion, Practice new dances, See why Pat Riley keeps smiling at me like that, Have Chris brush my teeth. #bronsmentalnotes"

That said, not everyone chose to mock and ridicule the empty threat by James. Some actually considered his tweet bold and “the most MJ-like thing he has done so far.” Apparently, an angry Twitter message is the new "slapping Steve Kerr in a Chicago Bulls practice for not hustling hard enough."

Regardless of where you stand on James’ newfound use of Twitter, one thing is for certain: Now that James has embraced his turn to the darkside amongst fans and media alike, we’re going to “witness” some great moments from the “King” in the coming years.

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