Heat's LeBron James Coming Back to Cleveland? Don't Bet on It

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It’s not going to happen. Get over it, don’t kid yourself, and save your breath. LeBron James is not ever – and I mean ever as in the impossible outcome to the contrary – returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The “rumor” (see: writer with too much time on his hands) broke yesterday saying James was growing tired of Pat Riley. LeBron still enjoys the “Three Kings” get-together in Miami, but Riley’s disciplinary style is wearing on James. To take things further, the rumor suggests that someone “close to the situation” knows that LeBron would look to the Cavs if he opts out after the 2013-14 season.Get the heck outta here… go kick rocks.

Last time I checked, Dan Gilbert still owns the Cavaliers. Anyone remember his statement that the Cavaliers would win a championship before LeBron did? How about the scathing remarks in addition to that? Before the LeBron-to-Cleveland possibility even had a slimmer of hope, Gilbert would have to sell the team and have nothing to do with its future. That ain’t happening folks. Second, we have three seasons until that opt out option, and there is a real strong chance that Miami wins a title by then. Does anyone truly believe LeBron will want to jump ship after snagging a ring? Third and last, the fans of Cleveland don’t and will not have forgotten.

If LeBron wins a title in Miami, why would the fans want him to come back with the mystique of “Hey guys, I got my ring, now I’ll return to play for you chumps again.” Or on the other hand, if LeBron never wins in Miami, how are the fans going to feel about a “I failed in my ‘join forces’ plan, so I’ll come back home now.”

This idea is simply ludicrous. LeBron isn’t thinking about returning to Cleveland, and the fans and Dan Gilbert would never let him put on another Cavs jersey anyway.


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