Heat’s LeBron is Right: Race Was Factor in “Decision” Backlash

We don’t typically defend LeBron James here at The Daily Heat because we’re not a Miami Heat fan site. Sorry.

When the self-proclaimed “king” acts like a spoiled toddler whose been enabled by his army of yes-men, he gets called out on it. When he starts referring to himself in third-person like the most narcissistic clown in the world, we don’t let it slide. When he and the rest of his merry band of Entourage wannabes repeatedly make stupid decisions,we’re the first to point them out.

However, when he’s right, he’s right. And on the issue of race being involved in the backlash he’s gotten since “The Decision,” he’s absolutely, positively, one hundred percent on the mark.

We brought it to everyone’s attention last week that a disproportionate amount of non-blacks seemed to have gotten angrier at James than blacks did after his one-hour infomercial dedicated to his greatness. Again, this is not opinion, this is fact. Here are the details on how his negative Q Ratings rose after his now infamous decision:

“[LeBron’s] negative Q rating went from 24 percent to 44. Nearly half of the non-blacks in this country don’t like the dude. Meanwhile… among blacks went …it from 14 percent to 15.”

This isn’t rocket science.

You have two different groups of people: blacks and non-blacks. Both received the same news that...

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