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Heat’s LeBron Criticizes ESPN’s Dilfer over Manning Comments

The Daily Heat admires the Miami Heat’s LeBron James. It takes real talent, skill and determination to continuously come off this unlikeable regardless of what he does.

What was LeBron’s latest foot-in-the-mouth moment?

Well, as he sat back in his roomy $9 million home to watch SportsCenter (read: wait for his own highlights to come on), he caught a glimpse of NFL analyst Trent Dilfer breaking down Peyton Manning’s recent struggles.

After all, coming into Thursday’s game Manning had thrown eight interceptions en route to three straight Colts losses. As a result, Dilfer was far more critical with his comments.

Apparently, LeBron, with all of his pent-up aggression and all, felt it was time to step up and be a leader. You know, defend a guy who plays a completely different sport than he does from that awful, horrible guy doing his job on TV.

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