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Heat’s LeBron Comparing Himself to Brett Favre Now

At one point during the 2010 edition of Brett Favre’s pre-season “Look at me” media campaign, The Daily Heat compared him to Allen Iverson. Now it appears that another NBA prima donna man-child says he can identify with the oldest, most annoying man to ever wear purple and horns.

Yup, LeBron James.

After reaching in with this bare hands and ripping the heart and soul out of Cleveland Cavaliers fans this past summer (live on national television), James wants Cleveland to know that it’s time to buck up and get over it. What better way to tell the ex that she should move on than by reminding her of other dumped people that somehow survived their breakups to live another day? Hey baby, Jennifer Aniston got over Brad, right?

Speaking with reporters prior to the Heat’s eventual victory over the Milwaukee Bucks last night, James said that he could relate to Favre’s exit from Green Bay three years ago.

"Brett (had) great years here in Green Bay, and any time a great competitor like that leaves, no one wants to see that, but they've done a great job of regrouping with Aaron Rodgers and I believe that Cleveland will do the same," James said.

Yeah, whatever you say. Just do yourself a favor, LeBron – stay away from cell phone cameras.

The obvious ...

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