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Heat’s Dwyane Wade Going to China for $2M Per Month?

Is Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade preparing to take his talents overseas to China?

According to Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Chinese Basketball Association ballclub Zhejiang Guangsha has made Wade a $2 million per month offer to play in Hangzhou.

This deal would likely provide the Heat star with the same out that most NBA stars will get from their overseas teams during the lockout – one which denotes that if owners and players are able to work out a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) in a timely fashion, the NBA players will be free to return to their American squads.

After the rumors regarding Wade’s potential deal began to circulate. However, the offer was denied by a Zhejiang team official. Later, the Heat captain didn’t exactly jump at the opportunity to clear anything up when speaking to reporters.  

"We are not there yet," Wade told the China Daily. "We are going to start working out. The time to consider that has not come."

Also complicating matters is the potential ban that the Chinese Basketball Association is thinking about instituting. This ban, reportedly, would specify that players who are unable to commit for an entire season (read: NBA players) can’t participate in their league.

It remain to be seen if Wade actually wants to go and play in front of the 4,500-person crowds that Zhejiang can offer him or if this is just another ploy by the players to put some pressure on the owners.

Similar talks between Kobe Bryant and an assortment of Turkish and Chinese teams have led nowhere, leading many to assume that this is all part of a joint effort by the league’s stars to exert some pressure on the owners.


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