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Heat Victory Over Spurs Seals Best Record in NBA

Who would of thought that Chris Bosh would hit one of the Miami Heat’s biggest three pointers of the season?

Not me that’s for sure, but the Heat power forward sank a clutch three to beat San Antonio on Sunday without LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in the lineup that will serve as the team’s security blanket over the next two weeks. Expect to see only one Miami star in the lineup from here on out as they rest two of the big three as they did on Sunday with ambiguous injury descriptions like “hamstring”.

With a three game lead for the best record in the NBA, Miami now has the cushion they need to lock up home court advantage for the NBA Finals without straining itself in the remaining nine regular season games of their season. San Antonio will undoubtedly rest Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker at least a couple times over the next two weeks, so Miami should be able to do the same with their stars and lock up the best record.

That said, do the Heat care? Well, yes and no. It’s true that Miami can win anywhere, so no it’s not the end of the world if they don’t seal up home court for the Finals. The only teams that could really steal it from them is San Antonio or Oklahoma City, but the Heat have just three tough games remaining in the form of New York, Chicago and Boston all of which will be home games.

It’s possible all three go undefeated the rest of the way, or maybe each drops a game here or there, but it’s doubtful that Miami will lost home court advantage and even more negligible that they need it.

The best record in the NBA has to belong to the Heat though, not because it’s important, but because it’s a fitting reward for the incredible season LeBron James and company have put together. It’s only right that the road to a championship go through South Beach, if for no other reason than to pay respect to the historic super power squad that Pat Riley has assembled.

Without James and Wade, some might believe it’s possible for Miami to drop a few games and let one of their Western Conference rivals back in the mix for home court in the Finals, but when you look at how the “B Squad” performed last night against San Antonio, it doesn’t seem likely.

The Heat have all their ducks in line so to speak and will finish the season with 65 wins at least. They’ll do it with Wade, James and Bosh well rested and they’ll start the postseason with every player in their lineup firing on all cylinders. After a quick sweep of Milwaukee, things will get more interesting for the Heat, but standing between them another championship is to stand between a train and its station.

The last two weeks of the season can’t be over soon enough for the Heat and their fans, for meaningful basketball is just a vision until after Apr. 17. 


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