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Heat's LeBron Made Right Move Not Going to Overrated Knicks

God, New York Knicks fans are the absolute worst…

Finish that sentence anyway you’d like.

Fans. People. Seat-filling-wastes-of-space. They all work.

Nothing epitomizes thedisgustingly undeserved sense of entitlement that  Yankees, Jets, Giants Knicks fans have more than today’s New York Post sports headline and picture:

“LeBron James could have been the King of New York, but he took the safe path to Miami; now he’ll always be … LeCHICKEN”

LeChicken? Really? LeBron James is a chicken for not coming to the most annoyingly, painfully overrated basketball team in the history of the sport?

Get over yourselves you wannabe-Lakers, soon-to-be-worse-than-the-New-Jersey-Nets rejects. You had a decent team in the 1990s, but you were upstaged by Reggie Miller and a car chase in Southern California. In the past 30 years, you had one guy who was a joy to watch -- Bernard King -- but he played with Clipper-like teammates. Other than that, you haven't been good since the early 19-freakin'-70s!

Look, we’re hardly LeBron’s defense team at The Daily Heat. LeBron is a selfish guy. He refers to himself in third person. He backstabbed his hometown on national television. He’s a prima donna. He won’t admit that Delonte West may be his father.

We get it.

But the New York Knickerbockers -- and their legion of second-rate, Matthew Modine-led, B-level fans are the last group that deserves to throw a hissy fit over James not coming to town.

This faux outrage is ludicrous. You act is if LeBron took Gilbert Arenas’ guns, put them to your heads, and then said: “Be awful for 10 years. Hire Isiah Thomas to ensure that this happens. Become the joke of the league both on and off the court. And then pray, hope and dream that I come bless you with my presence.”


If we say that Cleveland was a dumped girlfriend, then New York was essentially the bitter, ugly chick that never even got a phone number.

Heck, at least he loved and left Cleveland.

New York, despite how sexy you tried to dress up -- the man never even gave ya’ll a glance.

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