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Heat’s LeBron James is Not a Fan of the Oklahoma City Memorial

The 2012 NBA Finals begin today. Given how great both the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat are, there is enough basketball-related stuff to talk about without needing to get into anything else. Politics, society, favorite movies, best foods – none of that actually matters.

Of course, even though we know that nothing else matters, players will still be peppered with questions that have absolutely nothing to do with the one thing we all care about.  

Case in point: whoever asked LeBron James about the Oklahoma City National Memorial today. Per Ben Golliver (via @HPBasketball)

  • Ben GolliverLeBron James on the Oklahoma City Bombing & Memorial: "When I was here for the charity game I did [visit]. I think it's unfortunate what happened. I think this great city has put something together for the people who were lost in that tragic accident. People get an opportunity to go there and remember all the kids and adults that had to lose their lives because of someone's stupidity. I think it's great for history but I think what happened -- it shouldn't even be there."

This may or may not become a thing. At the moment nobody has heard about it yet, and the people who have heard about it are far too used to LeBron being LeBron to blow it out of proportion. Unfortunately, they’re the exception and not the rule.

It’s very clear what James was trying to say there. He used a few wrong words and he rambled for a little too long – but we all know and understand what he was trying to say.

Will this become the national media’s latest reason to hate him anyway, though? We’ll find out soon enough.

(Kudos Ben Golliver and @HPBasketball)

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