Heat, Riley Getting Desperate, Ready to Sign Erick Dampier


Have you ever met that guy? That guy seems to have all the necessary skills for success, everything you would generally expect a person to need to make it in life. Yet, for some reason, somehow, some way, that guy just can’t seem to catch a break?

The Miami Heat is that guy.

Everyone and their mother knew there wasn’t much meat on the Heat. That aside from the Two and a Half Kings in LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and little Chris Bosh, this team wouldn’t be putting much on the court. "Not much" has quickly become "nothing at all" after injuries took down Mike Miller, Dwyane Wade and most recently, Udonis Hasem.

In losing Haslem for the foreseeable future, Miami is now without their toughest defender and rebounder and, really, the only player with the necessary grit to compete against the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers big men. If there was one guy currently on the roster aside from LeBron and the rest of the Brat Pack the Heat could not afford to lose, it was Haslem.

Now that he’s gone, though, Miami needs to patch up a sizeable hole. How will Miami do it?

By bringing in a player they deemed not worthy of being on their roster this summer, apparently.

According to ESPN, the Heat ...

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