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LeBron James' Mouth Strikes Again: Call Us the “Heatles”

Remember when LeBron James used to be likeable? And, more importantly, when he used to be quiet?

Back when he was getting mysterious brand new Hummers in high school, signing $90+ million deals before playing a single NBA game and not making horrible PR decisions?

The Daily Heat remembers those days. They were a simple, innocent, more wonderful time.

The LeBron of yesteryear is gone, though.

Now all we’re left with is a self-centered, egotistical prima donna who not only puts his foot in his mouth every single time he speaks, but has also, somehow, figured out how to make himself sound like a complete and utter fool every time he logs into a social networking site.

James’ most recent oops moment came when he decided that his ridiculous traveling circus of a Miami Heat team needed yet another nickname. Here is what he said regarding the matter as transcribed by the Miami Herald:

The Heat is referring to itself as the "Heatles'' -- as in the Beatles -- these days because of the large crowds it receives on the road, said James. ``I see we sell out 99.1 percent on the road, so we call ourselves the Heatles off the Beatles, so every time we take our show on the road we bring a great crowd,'' James said. The obvious question: So who's Paul McCartney and who's John Lennon? ``I knew that was going to be a question,'' James said. ``We're just the Heatles, man.''

Oh, a play on the Beatles. How creative. LeBron, you eloquent ol’ wordsmith you – how’d you ever come up with that one?

And they say a man needs a college education to become smart.

Given how the self-described Chosen One’s rampant ego tends to have a mind of its own, it’s amazing that he didn’t opt to nickname his squad the LeBrons. Or the LeBronettes. Maybe even, LeBron and the Pussycats. That last nickname not only includes James’ name, but it also features a description of Chris Bosh in the title.

Look, slick, we get it. You’ve...

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