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NFL News: Redskins Won't Cut Haynesworth

We all know the situation with Albert Haynesworth in Washington. The Redskins gave him a ton of money despite numerous indications in the past that he was a turd. Then, when Albert acted turdish, the Redskins seemed shocked.

He was sent home for the final four games of the season and it’s clear that his time in Washington is over. However, NFL sources tell the Washington Post that it’s highly unlikely that the team will simply cut him.

But, what would they really get for him? He’s due a base salary next year of $5.4 million, but it isn’t guaranteed. They supposedly tried trading him to the team that knows him best (the Titans), and they wouldn’t cough up a fourth rounder. So, why would someone else give up even more? They are probably staring down the barrel of a fifth-round pick this offseason, and they should probably be happy to get that.

“Moving forward, I don’t know what happens,” said defensive end Vonnie Holliday when asked about his friend Haynesworth’s status. “But I hope that he uses this as some type of motivation – if he’s here, or wherever he is – to take it to that next level and to play, and he learns and grows from this.”

“I think there has to be some closure to the situation. . . . They [have to] have an opportunity to talk things out,” Holliday said. “. . . With the suspension, they didn’t get a chance to talk or communicate exactly what they were both feeling, and the reasons why, and hopefully they’ll come to some conclusion after this meeting.”

Regardless, he’s gone.


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