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NFL: Eagles Need to Go After Albert Haynesworth

If been saying this for months and getting considerable amounts of opposition. The Eagles need to take a serious look at Albert Haynesworth.

We all know that Fat Albert aka ”Hey, Hey,  Haynesworth” would come with some baggage and a few character concerns. C’mon… lets be honest with ourselves. We would all put up with a little extra aggrevation and attitude from our girlfriend/wife if her name was Eva Longoria.

My point is that the upside in Haynesworth exceeds the downside. He is an absolute playmaking beast in a 4-3 scheme. Imagine a 6’6″, 235lb defensive tackle disrupting the backfield and drawing constant double teams. Think it might free up others on the line? Everyone in Philadelphia constantly bitches about lack of pressure from the front 4. Well, there is an opportunity staring you right in the face in Haynesworth.

There is no doubt that he was unmotivated in Washington. Playing for a “my way or the highway” coach who implements a 3-4 scheme, despite having 4-3 personnel, certainly created friction. Haynesworth was an All-Pro 4-3 tackle who was not only forced out of position, but convinced that running 100 yard dashes was important. I don’t know about you, but if my defensive tackle has to make a play 30 yards downfield… I’ve got some bigger issues on my hands.

If Washington cuts ties (and he doesn’t return to Tennessee), offer him a 2 year incentive laden contract with some money upfront. If you don’t think he has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, you’re missing the boat. Not only will he look to prove to the NFL that he is still a force inside, but he gets to face Washington twice a year. You don’t want on your side?

Say what you want, but if the Skins let him go…I want him in Philadelphia. Remember everyone who said they didn’t want Michael Vick? A motivated Haynesworth can impact a defense in the same fashion.


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