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More Problems Between Haynesworth and Redskins

The situation with Albert Haynesworth down in Washington DC continues to get better. Benched against the New York Giants, there was speculation from a local radio station that there was a good chance that Haynesworth gets cut this week.

Several other media outlets reported that that wasn’t the case.

But, it came out that Haynesworth was benched for being sick on Friday (and showing up late) and not having a great practice Thursday. Shanahan said he wasn’t ready to play because of those things, but we know that’s total bullshit because this is Haynesworth’s ninth year in the league, and what could he possible need to know about the game plan as a pass-rushing defensive tackle?

So now, sources tell Kelli Johnson of Comcast Sportsnet that Haynesworth was “sick” on Friday because he showed up hung over. Missing a team meeting because you went out late the night before is generally considered unacceptable.

“Several team sources tell me that Haynesworth went out Thurs and showed up late fri, missed a team meeting & appeared 2 be “hungover”…,” Johnson tweets.

But, her next tweet has a response from Albert in it. As you can guess, he’s says it’s a bunch of crap.

“Haynesworth calls story total bs. Told me he went out Thurs but didn’t feel well so he went home early; also said there wasnt a team meeting,” she tweeted.

This is just a classic case of two people that don’t need to be together. Haynesworth has always had attitude issues and Shanahan clearly wants to cut him no slack. We’ll all be better off when the Redskins just cut the cord and admit that they paid him wayyyy too much money.


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