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NFL Scout Urinates on Building, Exposes Himself to Cop at Combine

We were desperately looking for some news to post today, and then we saw this and it made our day. Last night in Indianapolis, an NFL scout was getting a little too excited about the prospects he was watching.

Apparently all jazzed up after seeing big men in underwear run fast and jump high, St. Louis Rams scout Luke Driscoll got wasted and decided to urinate on a building downtown near Union Station.

But, he didn’t stop there. The police say that he also exposed his genitals to a female police officer. Now, just to be fair, our experience has been that male officers don’t appreciate having someone wave their genitals at them either. This is not a male/female issue.

Driscoll was arrested and charged with public intoxication and public nudity. Rams GM Bill Devaney told PFT that they are still gathering the facts in the case. If the later facts are as good as the early ones, Devaney is in for a great read.

Driscoll is an 11-year member of the Rams scouting department. For his own job security, he better be the one that found Steven Jackson and not Trung Canidate.


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