Haven't We Seen the Houston Cougars' New Logo Before?

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Hey, remember the Houston Cougars?

They were the team led by sixth-year quarterback Case Keenum that shelled Penn State in the TicketCity Bowl on January 2, in case you decided to wipe that game from your memory banks (and really, nobody here will blame you for that).

Well, they have a new logo set that was unveiled today.

While the new primarylogos are just a freshened up version of their previous logo, the secondary Cougar logo looks somewhat familiar.

Have a look...

See a resemblance? Is there one here?

OK, it might be a bit of a stretch. Maybe the Houston logo is what would be the end result if the Penn State and Kansas State logo had a kid, or a cub as it were. Or is the new Houston logo more of a knock off of the Missouri Tigers logo?

Whatever the case, whether the Houston logo was influenced by an existing logo or not, it was a clear upgrade over their previous Cougar logo, even if it does resemble the Thundercats logo.

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