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Have You Seen this 'Magic Man' Magic Johnson Youtube Mix?

There are a lot of YouTube mixes of Magic Johnson but this is definitely the best one out there. In fact, this may be the best NBA YouTube Mix there is.

A lot of people probably saw this when it first came out last year but if you're a basketball junkie (especially if you love the Lakers and Magic Johnson), you won't get tired of watching this fifteen-minute masterpiece.

I had mentioned last week that I really don't prefer music on my YouTube mixes; I'd prefer if they just leave the natural footage alone and hear the commentary. In this one, the majority of the commentary was done by Chick Hearn, who has to be an all-timer in anybody's book in terms of play-by-play guys. So it's a treat for everybody: you get to see Magic Johnson AND hear Chick.

What's also great about this video? This is some footage you hardly see in any Magic Johnson highlight reel. You get to see how great Magic Johnson is. The first half of this video is Magic showing off his fantastic passing ability. The second half of the video includes Magic scoring, especially in the clutch. It really makes you appreciate how great of a player Magic Johnson was. And it's 15 minutes long!

I guess the only negative to this video is that if you watch it over and over, you suddenly don't realize that you've lost an hour of your time when you're supposed to be doing something else.

VIDEO CREDIT: nonplayerzealot4.

Rey-Rey is the founder and editor of The No-Look Pass. You can find his work here and at Forum Blue & Gold from the ESPN TrueHoop Network. You can also find his charm on Twitter at @TheNoLookPass.

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