Have You Heard About Will Grier Yet?


A few days ago a buddy of mine was telling me about this amazing High School running back Russell Washington, a Sr. at Harrells Christian Academy in North Carolina. He was at Washington‘s football game on Friday where he witnessed Washington rack up 429-yards on 46 carries scoring eight TD’s (tied for the fourth most in a single game in national history.)

The point of the discussion was that Washington does not have any Division I scholarship offers at the moment. On the year Washington has run the ball 247 times for 2,249 yards (a stupid 9.11 yards per carry) with a ridiculous 38 TDs and has caught 13 passes for 239-yards (a stupid 18.38 yards per catch) for another three TDs.

As we talked about the kid and the game that he just played, I came to find out that Washington’s team lost the game 104-80. Yes, you read that correctly, it wasn’t a basketball game, it was a football game, and the score was 104-80. So naturally I asked how the opposing team scored 104 points and who the star there was. So my buddy proceeds to tell me that the quarterback, Will Grier of North Carolina’s Davidson Day School set a national record for throwing for 834-yards and tied a national record for most touchdown passes in a game by throwing 10! Grier was 35-for-42 and smashed the old notational record of 764-yards by 70-yards.

Normally if I heard that a High School football team put up 104-points I would say that they ran the score up, but when the other team scores 80, well, they simply did what they had to do to win the game. You would think that if there were two coaches (Grier’s coach is his father) that knew offensive football well enough to figure out how to score that many points in a game that they would understand how to stop an offense too… I guess it doesn’t work that way…

A quick search on YouTube and wala, here’s Grier’s sophomore highlight reel.

Grier is just a junior and already has scholarship offers from East Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Wake Forest, and Louisiana Lafayette. After Friday’s performance, I’m guessing that list will grow. Earlier today we spoke about Freshman Texas A&M quarterback sensation, “Johnny Football.” Is Will Grier the next great college quarterback sensation? Perhaps, but his dad better learn how to coach some defense…

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