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Hate May Turn Heat’s LeBron James into Jordan, Kobe

By Alex Groberman

LeBron James has always been a little soft.

As a direct result of his strange desire to be the supreme billionaire rather than supreme baller and his media-chasing escapades like “The Decision,” many have wondered whether James’ heart was really in basketball over the last seven years. 

For a guy a who earns his bread and butter by being one of the top-tier basketball players in all the land, the Akron native spends an enormous amount of time trying to chase the Entourage lifestyle.

Maybe all of that is the end result of being spoon fed the title of “King” before it was really deserved. The unique way that a star will get spoiled when he’s all talent and no heart. It could even be the consequence of being surrounded by pathetic yet powerful yes-men in the form of his old owner and new biggest detractor, Dan Gilbert.

Casual fans may not witness it. They may not see the way a lack of desire impacts a player’s performance on the court. However, those who have seen the work ethics of a Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and the like know the difference between playing to play, and playing to win.

According to...

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