NFL: Hasselbeck to Lead Seahawks


There were many thoughts running through every NFL fan’s head last Sunday evening as they watched the St Louis Rams play some sort of football against the Seattle Seahawks. Let me list a couple: Have I ever seen Charlie Whitehurst in a porno before? Please stop talking about the 12th man. Why am I still watching this game? What’s wrong with Sam Bradford’s face?

There was also something running through Pete Carroll’s head and it was whether or not Matt Hasselbeck would be ready for Wild Card Weekend. Let’s be honest, the Whitehurst-led Seahawks won the game, but it wasn’t because the Seahawks were led by Whitehurst. It was because the Rams sucked even more than the Seahawks. Don’t get me wrong, Hasselbeck isn’t close to what he used to be. His last good year was 2007. But, Whitehurst is awful. After that first drive on Sunday night he threw for 53 yards. For three-and-half quarters he threw for 53 yards. The Seahawks were lucky to win.

So, despite Charlie managing his team to victory to clinch the NFC West, Carroll made the correct decision to go with Hasselbeck as the starter this weekend against the New Orleans Saints. Hasselbeck has the big-game experience. He’s won playoff games and he led the Seahawks to Super Bowl XL in a game they should have won if the refs didn’t have money on the Steelers.

With all of that said, I still see the Saints silencing the 12th man early and cruising to an easy 31-10 victory over the Seahawks. But it’s not about winning and losing, it’s about Pete Carroll making the right choice.


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