Has Any Team in the NFL Squandered More Wide Receiver Talent than the St. Louis Rams?


Is it just me, or have the Rams squandered away more talent at the wide receiver than any team in the last ten or so years? For a team trying so desperately to help Bradford establish himself as a franchise quarterback they sure don’t do a lot to help the former number one pick. Let’s have a look at receivers of Rams past, that could have helped Bradford along the way as he mired in three years of below average to awful receiving corps. All it would have taken is a bit of patience with injuries where these three receivers are concerned anyways. Ah, what a shame.

1. Danario Alexander: This guy is everything you could ever ask for in a number two receiver. He is tall, he has great hands, and he can really climb the ladder to get those jump balls. The talent has always been there with Alexander, he was just never able to put it together in St.Louis due to a series of injuries that could have very well ruined his career. He was released before this season, and picked up by the Chargers who are all too happy to take advantage of the lack of patience by Rams management with this wideout.

2. Donnie Avery: Andrew Luck and the Colts sure are glad the Rams showed him the door. Yet another example of impatience by Rams management, Avery has defied all logic to revive his career as a reliable option for the upstart Colts. Unlike Alexander, Avery was a little more costly for the Rams too, and based on that lone might have been more worthy of some more time to develop. Avery was a second round draft pick, and was never even given a chance to develop chemistry with Bradford. He was put on the IR before Bradford’s first season, and was let go afterwards.

3. Laurent Robinson: I can’t be too hard on Rams management for letting this guy go, since he only had 344 yards in his one year with the club, but he could have been of some service last season. Just ask Romo. The former Falcons 3rd round pick has had difficulty establishing himself in the league, as he’s been bounced around from team to team, but it wouldn’t hurt for the Rams to have kept him around last season. He almost tallied 900 yards last year with the Cowboys, and then landed a deal with the Jags this off season. It hasn’t worked out as he planned in Jacksonville, but then again, Gabbert’s his quarterback. Or was anyways, until they both landed on the IR.

Honourable Mention goes to Brandon Lloyd. I’m sure there wasn’t enough money in the world to have convinced him to resign with the Rams this off season, but he’s probably the most talented wideout to suit up for the Rams (Amendola aside) for the last few years. He’s kind of underachieving with the Pats too, if that makes you Rams fans feel any better.


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