Vikings Drama: Percy Harvin and Brad Childress Problems


If there are good things to say about this Minnesota Vikings team right now, I’m not sure what they are. They are 2-5. They gave up a third-round pick for Randy Moss, who they cut some four weeks later. When the coach decided to cut him, he didn’t tell the owner, who then almost fired the coach and kept the player. Oh, and the old QB who got his balls gently rubbed by Brad Childress in order for him to come back and play? He’s hurt and sucks.

And now, one of the few players who is playing well for the Vikings team reportedly got into a heated argument with Childress at practice on Friday. Percy Harvin injured his left ankle against the Patriots on Sunday. Despite that, he was still a beast.

He missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday, but he was able to give it a go on Friday. And sources tell the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that Childress questioned Harvin’s effort during the rehearsal and the two got into a heated argument.

That’s odd considering Childress’s remarks earlier about Harvin’s ability to play through pain.

“He’s a tough guy,” Childress said. “Let’s face it, he injured that foot on his first catch of the game [last Sunday in New England] and still was very productive. I would just say he’s tough.”

Someone tell us with a straight face that Childress still has control of this locker room and is a viable leader for this team. He’s getting into an argument with Harvin about his effort? Even if he was dogging it, the guy played – and played well – on a busted ankle last Sunday. And if you have your finger on the pulse of your team, then you’d know that Harvin is still stinging from losing Randy Moss.

Maybe be a little more delicate with him? Especially when there are a ton of players that are just sick of Childress at this point.

Harvin leads the team with 31 receptions and is the second best weapon on the offense besides Adrian Peterson. Pissing him off would be a great idea, Brad.


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