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NFL: Broncos Harris, Kuper Snubbed from Pro Bowl

On Tuesday, the NFL announced the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl rosters for the AFC and NFC teams. The lone Bronco to have made the cut was wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, who's been having a fantastic season and is well deserving of the honor. However, after looking over the stats, at least two more Broncos were also deserving.

Left Tackle Ryan Harris has started 10 games this season, being penalized only twice and allowing 3.25 sacks. Miami's Right Tackle Jake Long started 15 games, being penalized 8 times and allowing 5.0 sacks. Of course one might say you can't draw comparisons of stats of two players that haven't started the same amount of games, and that's a logical conclusion seeing as Harris started five less games due to injury.

Mathematically though, if Harris had started all 15 games, he would have allowed 4.88 sacks and that's still less than Long's total of 5.0 (if he had kept the same pace he's had this season). He's also hasn't been called for a holding penalty all season (a penalty that plagues offensive linemen), whereas Long has been penalized for holding 4 times in 2010. From those statistics, I'd conclude that Harris had just as good of a season of Long, and was at least worthy of being considered for a Pro Bowl induction.

Another comparison of offensive linemen, consider this; Bronco offensive guard Chris Kuper has started 14 games this season, being penalized 4 times while allowing 4.0 sacks. Compare those numbers to those of New England's guard Logan Mankins who's started 8 games this season has allowed 3.5o sacks and has been penalized 3 times. At that pace, Mankins would have allowed 7 sacks this year had he played through the whole season. Clearly, this is a case of the name-player being chosen over the one who is truly deserving. Kuper was snubbed from making his first Pro Bowl appearance.

In my humble opinion, both Kuper and Harris (along with Champ--the best run supporting cornerback in the NFL--Bailey) deserved at least a lot of consideration for the Pro Bowl, and all three were snubbed.


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