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Hannah Storm’s Face, Body After Gas Grill Explosion

Hannah Storm, one of ESPN’s most recognizable personalities, missed a month of work after a propane grill blew up in her face. The accident resulted in much of her hair being burned off and left her with second degree burns on her hands, chest and face.

On Wednesday, Storm returned to television sporting some extensions and a few bandages. Had the story of her accident not gone public, though, chances are nobody would have even noticed that she looked any different. That’s how well she has recovered.

In an effort to educate folks on an incident that thankfully didn’t do as much damage as it probably could have, Storm did an interview with ABC in which she spoke about her journey back. As part of the package, she also included picture of what she looked like in the immediate aftermath.

Check out Storm’s story and the pictures in the video below.  

(Kudos The Big Lead, Deadspin)

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