Hank Williams Compares Obama to Hitler, Loses MNF Gig

You may or may not have heard about Hank Williams, Jr.’s comments on Fox and Friends’ Monday morning program. Yep, he made an analogy about President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner playing golf that equated their little get together with Adolf Hitler fraternizing with Benjamin Netanyahu.

It didn’t go over well. Most media people said that it referred to Obama being Hitler. It didn’t, but whatever. The bottom line is that using Hitler references is an awful idea, regardless of your political beliefs. It just never goes over well.

So, Hank issued this extremely well-written apology.

“I have always been very passionate about Politics and Sports and this time it got the Best or Worst of me,” he wrote for his website. “The thought of the Leaders of both Parties Jukin and High Fiven on a Golf course, while so many Families are Struggling to get by simply made me Boil over and make a Dumb statement and I am very Sorry if it Offended anyone. I would like to Thank all my supporters. This was Not written by some Publicist.”

Oh, that much is obvious!

Let’s break this down as it deserves a variety of critiques.

First of all, regardless of your political opinions, why in the hell would it be a bad thing for the two parties to work together to get things done for the country? Should Democrats and Republicans ignore each other and never get anything accomplished? Yeah! That’ll show ‘em! Take that!

That is a moronic point of view.

Second of all, their little Masters get together happened forever ago. Of all the things to be boiling over about, you’d think you’d pick something more recent.

Thirdly…this wasn’t written by a publicist?! No! Way! We just can’t believe that NO ONE edited this brilliant piece of Shakespeare! All your own words? Why…we can’t believe it! If James Joyce was alive (is he?), he’d be turning over in his grave with these prose.

It’s not the content or the sentence structure that struck as “not written by a professional,” but rather, the randomized capitalization of certain non-proper nouns and other words.

“Parties Jukin and High Fiven” wasn’t the work of an educated writer?! Get! Out! Not only do most of those words not get capital letters, but if you’re going to leave off the “g” in “Jukin” and “Fiven” (which should really be “Fivin” if we’re being consistent…or seventh-grade educated), you might want to add an ” ‘ ” to the end.

Without Going into too MUCH more Detail, re-read the Statement and try to Identify Which words aren’t USuAlly Capitalized in Ordinary LANGUAGE. Our Favorite part of this Whole Quote is that it was Qualified as Not Being from Some typical Publicist WHO would have Just written it in a Normal manner. Always get a Second set of Eyes, Mr. Williams, JR.


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