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Hank Haney Calls Relationship with Tiger Woods "Dysfunctional"

The split between the world’s No. 1 golfer Tiger Woods and his swing coach Hank Haney has been the subject of a recent article in Golf Digest. The coach commented on their relationship by saying, “it didn’t get dysfunctional; it always was dysfunctional.”

Golf Digest will release the article in August’s issue, and there will be telling stories about the kind of player Woods really is. Haney says that he would work with Woods only intermittently and was left to speculate when Woods would call on him to be at a tournament.

Haney also said his relationship with Woods had reached a low point at the 2010 Masters. After his Saturday round, Woods expressed to Haney that he was not happy with the way the round went despite being in contention going into Sunday.

When Sunday morning came, Woods warmed up without direction from Haney or anyone else.

“Then on Sunday when he warmed up, he wasn’t open to suggestions. He wasn’t asking what he should do,” said Haney in the interview.

After the tournament at Augusta, the pair spoke twice after that.

“That was his way of blaming me,” Haney added. “Maybe I’m reading too much into it; maybe I’m being too sensitive. But when someone doesn’t talk to you … .”

Haney maintains that he tried to help Woods despite hearing no response from him concerning his advice. After Tiger pulled out of the Players due to a neck injury, Haney made the decision to part ways with the global superstar. The coach said Woods seemed surprised when he told him the news that he would be moving on.

“I think he was quite surprised, but that really would be a question for him,” Haney said. “This was something I’d been thinking about for a long time. I knew that this was not going to last forever.”

Woods and Haney were a pair for six years before they parted ways. From 2004 to 2010 Woods won six of his 14 majors under his former coach.

A day after the Thanksgiving holiday in 2009, Woods’ name was all over the front page of the tabloids as he was the center of a sex scandal that swept the golfing world. Haney was in China at the time, and didn’t see him again until March 2010 days before the Masters.

“I’m proud of Tiger for accepting responsibility and getting some help,” said Haney.”I think that’s all a man can do. There was one report that said I left him because I was morally against what he did. That’s not true. I really believe that everybody makes mistakes.”

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