Hall of Famer Chris Doleman Has Former Players' Backs

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Former defensive end Chris Doleman was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2012. It took several years to finally get the call, but it was well deserved, and worth the wait.

“It catches you off guard. Obviously you are waiting to see what’s going to happen, and when they call your name, you are in a position where all of a sudden you are at a level where you never even thought that you could be at. And you always think that is reserved for other guys, but it’s a special honor and I am definitely humbled to be a part of it,” Doleman told Joy Taylor of Class Act Sports.

Doleman was golfing in Nat Moore’s Golf Outing in March, just a few weeks after taking part in Jason Taylor’s Golf Outing.

“Some good some bad. I am not playing as well as I normally do but this is our third day in a row playing golf, so I’m a little out of shape, but I am just hanging in there,” he said.

Doleman played for three teams over his 15-year career and was a member of the 1990’s All-Decades team. He enjoys giving back, at other athletes functions as well as his own.

“I think it’s important for all of us to give back. This is one way that I do it. I also have the Chris Doleman Pro Auction where we help charities and profits by putting their things online to raise money for them. We are always trying to give back in every way. JT and Nat Moore are great guys and I enjoy supporting them,” he told Class Act Sports.

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