Guy Who Bet $75 on Clippers to Rally vs. Grizzlies in Game 1 Won $40,000


Do you have $75 in your pocket that you’re itching to turn into $40,000? Well, then just wait until a team is down by 27ish points in the fourth quarter of a postseason game, and then bet on them to come back and win.

That was the successful money-making plan of one soon-to-be-grad who decided to have a little fun during this past Sunday night's Los Angeles Clippers versus Memphis Grizzlies showdown.

As L.A. was getting destroyed all the way up until almost the middle stage of the fourth quarter, the gambler in question noticed a site offering $55,555 payouts on $100 bets for the Clippers to win. Here is what happened next, via an e-mail to Barstool Sports:

As a joke, my boy put down 25 dollars to win close to thirteen grand. After a 3 pointer immediately after that by the Clippers, he put another 50 on it, for another 27k. Well, before my very eyes, the Clippers f***ing won. Off 75 dollars my friend made $40,000 in cash.

Un-f***ing-believable. He’s graduating next week so this is probably one of the greatest things that could have ever happened to him.

To prove that this actually happened, the e-mailer offered this screenshot of the bet:

A few notes about this: one, while it’s certainly not difficult to believe that some random online gambling site would offer that sort of monster payout, you have to wonder whether they’ll actually pay the money when it’s all said and done. Good luck getting your dough out of a company incorporated in Uzbekistan. (To be fair, though, we called Bovada and they told us that odds can shift minute-by-minute in American sportsbooks as well.) Two, anyone that bets any money on a team that looked as awful as the Clippers did throughout all of Game 1 has done something like that before. Which means they’ve lost money on that sort of thing before. Just saying. And three, on a slightly unrelated note, is anyone else shocked that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been so eerily quiet about that game when it was said that he had a huge amount of money riding on the Clippers? Is this a newer, more modest version of FMJ that we're seeing?

Anyway, if this soon-to-be-grad gets the money owed – good for him. But we still don’t advise kids to try this sort of thing at home.

(Kudos to USA Today and Barstool Sports for the find)

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