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Guy Turns $100 into Nearly $26K Thanks to 23-Team Parlay

It’s pretty tough to find a gambling story that is truly impressive anymore. The idea of wagering on sports is such a central part of the culture now that we are almost numb to the wins and losses that occur regularly. Still, certain intriguing cases do exist, and one of them happened this past weekend.

According to Beyond the Bets (by the way of TBL), one ridiculously ballsy sports fan won $25,772 after connecting on a 23-team parlay over a three-day span. How does something like that come to be? Well, it began with two wins on Thursday – Oregon and the San Francisco 49ers. (Good thing he took the Niners moneyline). Then on Saturday he bet 20 favorites and one underdog – ultimately getting all of his predictions right.

Who was the only underdog he chose all weekend? Kansas State. Should they have even been an underdog? Nope.

Regardless of whether you’re a sports betting fan or not, there is no denying the fact that this was a really impressive feat.

Here is a full breakdown of his wagers:

Courtesy of BetOnline brand manager Dave Mason, here’s the parlay:

Oregon -300
Wisconsin -780
Bowling Green -780
N. Illinois -660
Rutgers -205
LSU -165
Ohio St -940
Vandy -260
Notre Dame -5oo
Bama -1100
Michigan -350
FSU -1300
Louisville -245
Tulsa -1300
Mississippi St -880
Kansas St +125
Florida -175
Central Florida -1300
Texas -340
Fresno State -675
Oregon St -400
49ers -380
Clemson -310


(Kudos Beyond the Bets, The Big Lead)

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