Guy Implies that He Had Sex with Brooke Hogan, Gets Retweeted by Hulk Hogan

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Generally speaking, fathers are very protective of their daughters. Forget talking about sex – even the mere mention of a date that might run late will usually earn you a nasty stare from the old man who doesn’t realize that his little girl stopped being his little girl in the eighth grade.

The overprotective nature of dads is an annoying, but accepted part of life. (Also, something that causes uncontrollable shaking and physical symptoms of anxiety.)

Hulk Hogan is the exception to the overprotective dads rule, apparently.

On Friday, the Hulkster was doing a back-and-forth with his fans that mostly just consisted of him retweeting everything that they wrote. Well, either he wasn’t reading what he was retweeting or he has an abnormally great sense of humor, because here is one of the tweets that he opted to retweet:

@HulkHogan Hey hulk I went ballsdeep on Brooke!Could I get a retweet!

— Jeff Hahn (@Hahner1) June 1, 2012

Early candidate for tweet of the year? Most definitely.

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