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MMA News: GSP Dominates Koscheck, UFC 124 Analysis

UFC Welterweight Title Fight
Georges St-Pierre (21-2) UD Josh Koscheck (17-5)
Scores:  50-45, 50-45, 50-45

After being the subject of non-stop verbal barbs during this seasons The Ultimate Fighter at the hands of Josh Koscheck, Georges St-Pierre vowed that he would do his talking in the Octagon.  Saturday night, GSP’s fists did the talking and they screamed all over Koscheck’s face.  St-Pierre has long trained with some of the best coaches and fighters in MMA but it was his recent work with famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach that was most evident Saturday night.  Using a stiff jab St-Pierre completely dominated Koscheck over five rounds.  Koscheck had no answer to the jab, double jabs, and occasional left hook and takedowns.  Koscheck’s right eye began to swell in the opening round and quickly closed shut early on in the fight.  While Koscheck should be commendable for continuing to answer the bell each round despite concerns from the ringside physician.  St-Pierre is inarguably the best fighter in the game today and tonight he proved it at the expense of Koscheck.  

Co-Main Event Heavyweight Fight
Stefan Struve (24-4) TKO RD 1 (Strikes) Sean McCorkle (10-1)
Time of Stoppage: 3:55 in round one.

The problem with talking trash leading into a fight is the possibility that it could all blow up in your face.  Such, it seems, was the case as Struve took the numerous verbal barbs thrown at him by McCorkle and used it as motivation.  While McCorkle came out fast and hard, taking Struve down and pounding him with some strikes from in the guard, Struve never stopped fighting for position.  Following a picture perfect sweep, Struve was able to posture up and let loose a barrage of strikes that promoted the referee to stop the fight.  Was the stoppage a little early?  Yeah, probably so, but McCorkle should have made more of an attempt to get protect himself. 

Lightweight Fight
Jim Miller (19-2) SUB RD 1 (Knee Bar) Charles Oliveira (14-1)
Official Time of Submission: 1:59 in round one.

If you could rate “dynamic potential” Oliveira would rank somewhere near the top.  The young Brazilian is mad talented and as explosive with submission work as one can be.  However, Saturday night Oliveira ran into the grizzled Jim Miller who posses uncanny Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills of his own.  While Oliveira began things impressively chaining together submission attempt after submission attempt, Miller diligently looked for an opening.  The opening Miller hoped for came early as Oliveira left his leg exposed and Miller used his BJJ savvy to clamp on a knee bar that forced Oliveira to tap. 

Lightweight Fight
Mac Danzig (21-8-1) KO RD1 Joe Stevenson (36-12)
Official time of the KO: 1:54 round one.

Heading into this fight you almost had to believe that any outcome other than a win would result in Danzig facing the possibility of being cut by the UFC.  With his career on the line Danzig put forth his most impressive performance knocking out Joe Stevenson with one punch.  Things started out slowly as both fighters bounced around the cage trying to feel each other out.  Stevenson, perhaps feeling like he was the better striker launched forward with an attack.  However, Danzig was ready and with a perfect counter left hook to the jaw effectively put Stevenson’s lights out. 

Welterweight Fight
Thiago Alves (23-6) UD John Howard (14-6)
Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

One of the questions posed by friend of the site, MMA Manifesto, was have we seen the best of Thiago Alves.  Judging by his dominate performance against John Howard I would say the answer would be a resounding “no.”  Alves’ struggles with the scale have been well documented and seemed to have played major factors in his so-so performances in the past.  Tonight, armed with the Dolce Diet, Alves looked lean and mean.  Using his technically superior muay thai, Alves battered and bruised the ever-game Howard.  Backed by debilitating leg kicks and crisp counter punching, Alves dominated nearly ever aspect of the fight.  Now the question is, will this Alves continue to show up? 

Welterweight Fight
Sean Pierson (11-4) UD Matthew Riddle (5-2)
Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

There are crisp technical battles and then there are good ol’ fashioned brawls.  Pierson and Riddle engaged in a form of the latter in a spirited three round swap meet of leather.  With both fighters clearly in the developmental stage of their fighting career, Pierson and Riddle gave the crowd a good show with constant two-way salvos exchanged.  Neither fighter will ever be confused for a prolific striker but credit both for digging down deep and slugging it out. 


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