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Gruesome Details Emerge in Floyd Mayweather Arrest

The son of Floyd Mayweather Jr. witnessed the boxing great beat his mother, Josie Harris, last week as the two adults argued over her new boyfriend, FOX5 is reporting. 

According to a police arrest report, the pair fought over a relationship she was reportedly having with basketball player C.J. Watson before Mayweather became violent.

Mayweather allegedly demanded to know whether Harris was having sex with her new boyfriend. When Harris acknowledged she was, Mayweather began threatening her.

“I’m going to kill you and the man you’re messing around with.” he said.

The pair’s 10-year-old son later told police he saw his dad kicking and hitting his mother. Then, Mayweather allegedly threatened to beat the kids if they left the house or tried to call the police.

Later, Harris was treated at Southern Hills Hospital for what were reportedly injuries to her face and arm.

Mayweather was eventually charged with grand larceny for taking Harris’ iPhone after the argument. The value of the phone was $322, and Mayweather could face up to five years in prison for taking an object valued less $2,500. No assault-related charges have been filed against Mayweather at this time.


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