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Clippers Blake Griffin Cleared for Basketball Activities

The Los Angeles Clippers are getting the #1 pick in the NBA draft. No, not this year’s NBA draft, last year’s. Black Griffin, the 2009 No. 1-overall draft pick out of Oklahoma, missed all of his rookie year with a busted knee.

Now, he’s been cleared to finally resume his basketball activities.

“Right now Blake is working out with no restrictions, at full speed, 100 percent to the point where [strength coach] Rich Williams asked me to talk to Blake about dialing it back a little bit,” Clippers general manager Neil Olshey said.

“He’s working out in May like we were ready to tip off in October. The only guy I feel bad for is the first one of his teammates that shows up and wants to play one-on-one with him.”

Oh, snap! Kaboooom! No he di’int!! Olshey is either hyping up Griffin or making a general statement about the quality of the rest of his basketball team! Or both!


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