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NFL: Vikings Griffen Assaults Police Officer, Attempts to Flee

Well isn’t this cute? Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen apparently doesn’t know what to do when there aren’t offensive linemen to battle. Yesterday, he took the fight to the LAPD!

Griffen was pulled over around 4 p.m. by the Los Angeles Police Department. It was a traffic stop at 30th and Hoover St., and Griffen didn’t have a valid ID on him, which is always a great move. As he got questioned, he became more and more aggressive, eventually trying to flee from police. Another great move.

He then assaulted one of the officers that tried to chase him down, a move that OTR highly recommends. It works 99% of the time. This time, though, it didn’t. The police had to tase him and charge him with felony battery.

So Griffen finishes his rookie season with 11 games played, 11 solo tackles, no sacks and one felony battery. If it wasn’t for the last part, most would consider his rookie year a disappointment.


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