Gregg Williams' Bountygate Audio Paints a Very Dark Picture


When I first started to listen to the Gregg Williams Saints bounty audio I thought, “no biggie, what could he possibly say?” After listening to it a number of times I’m stunned.

I understand that football is a violent sport. I understand that if you hit the receiver hard when he comes across the middle perhaps his head will be on a swivel the next time he comes across. The receiver may have alligator arms or hear footsteps and he may drop the ball. I understand that if you hit the running back hard perhaps the next time he plows into the line it will be with less authority.

I understand that if you hit the quarterback hard that you can affect his ability to make good decisions and make accurate throws. I don’t understand contact aimed at hurting a player after the play is over.

So as Greg Williams talks to his troops before this past year’s NFC Divisional Round Game against the 49ers about repeatedly hitting Frank Gore in the head after the play is over or pushing Vernon Davis over a pile to injure his ankle and other offenses against 49ers players, I can’t help but wonder if someone should press charges against this son of a bitch.

The other aspect that I don’t often hear spoken about when this topic comes up is, as an athlete, don’t you want to compete against the best and beat the best? Who wants to get credit for a win because the other teams best players are hurt and can’t play? It seems as if this guy would get satisfaction if the teams he coached beat a Pop Warner team.

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