Gregg Popovich Reminds Everyone In The Media That He Hates Them (Video)

Big secret: Gregg Popovich can’t stand reporters. He thinks they’re a waste of time, and the only reason he ever talks to them is because the league makes him. 

During and after the Spurs big loss to the Thunder last night, Pop made it very clear he had absolutely zero interest in talking to anyone from the media.

After the first quarter, with San Antonio trailing 26-20, TNT sideline reporter David Aldridge asked Popovich how he thought his team was playing thus far. I would tell you what Pop said in response, but he didn’t say anything. He just stared. And stared. For a whopping eight seconds, Popovich looked at Aldridge like he’d just said the stupidest thing he’s ever heard:

Ol’ Pop wasn’t done after that gem. In his post game conference, he called out a reporter for talking with his mouth full, gave painfully blunt answers, and told another reporter he had no clue what he was talking about. All in a three minute span:

Popovich unintentionally gives some of the most entertaining interviews in basketball. Did we mention he picked up a technical foul yesterday for yelling at a ref? What a guy. 


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