Greg Jennings on Green Bay Packers Fans at Lambeau: “The Men Get a Little Grabby”

The Lambeau Leap is one of professional football’s most well-known and popular traditions. While a lot of other teams have situations where their players jump into the stands following a touchdown, nobody does it quite like the Green Bay Packers.

A lot of youngsters out there who watch the Packers do what they do on a weekly basis and dream of playing pro ball probably imagine what it would be like to be one of the fortunate few who gets to do the Lambeau Leap on a regular basis.

Well, according to Greg Jennings, it may not be as cool as it looks on TV.

“I try to go away from the men because the men get a little grabby,” Jennings told Erik Kuselias of NBC Sports Radio, according to Pro Football Talk

“The women get grabby too but them men it’s like come on, really, seriously? I’m another guy.”

Say what? They get grabby? That’s just unfortunate.

On the bright side, now we finally know what the downside of being a publicly owned sports franchise is.

You don't own that part of the Packers, guys.

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports)

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