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Greg Jackson Latest Person to Offer an Opinion on Jon Jones' Arrest

While appearing on an edition of HDNet's Inside MMA, trainer Greg Jackson gave his take on the recent DUI arrest of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Jackson is the head trainer for Jones, who was arrested last month after crashing his car into a pole early in the morning.

"Bones" has appeared in court once, taking a plea bargain that will include several tests to show he has not been under the influence of alcohol again. He is still scheduled to face Dan Henderson at UFC 151 in September.

"I think that he's trying to do the right thing here, and make sure that, you know, I'm gonna do the plea bargain think and make sure that I don't get into this situation ever again," Jackson said. "As long as you make a mistake and learn from it, I hope people give him a lot of lattitude because people make mistakes. As long as he's trying to take those positive steps and do the right thing, I think we should all respect that and support him."

As long as Jones does what the court orders, he will like avoid serving any jail time for the incident. He, along with two females, suffered only minor injuries in the accident.

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