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Green Bay Packers Will Clinch NFC North vs. New York Giants

The Green Bay Packers have moseyed through the first 11 games of this NFL season with ease and have emerged relatively unscathed. Aside from some mild defensive concerns and a little domestic assault case, you could even make the case that they have put together a historic run.

Well, the team that has everything may get rewarded even further this week when they could potentially clinch the NFC North. So long as they beat a New Giants team that got humiliated on Monday Night Football (MNF) last night by the New Orleans Saints, and assuming those same Saints go on to beat the Lions, Green Bay clinches the division. Yes, 13 weeks in, Aaron Rodgers and company could clinch the division.

Here is the math that makes it work, thanks to Kevin Seifert of ESPN:

Basically, if the Packers improve to 12-0 and the Lions fall to 7-5, there is no way that the latter squad could catch their rivals over the next few weeks. That would also mean that even if, hypothetically, Green Bay lost its remaining games they would still hold a tiebreaker over the Chicago Bears in the event that both teams finished 12-4.

Tyler Dunne of the Journal Sentinel simplified it all even further.

The Packers clinch the NFC North title with a...

A.) Green Bay win AND Detroit loss/tie
B.) Green Bay tie AND Chicago loss/tie AND Detroit loss
C.) Chicago loss AND Detroit loss

The Packers clinch a playoff spot with...

A.) Green Bay win
B.) Green Bay tie AND Chicago loss/tie
C.) Chicago loss
D.) Atlanta loss
E.) Detroit loss
F.) New Orleans loss AND Atlanta tie

What does all of that mean? Well, it means that for all the ballyhoo about how strong the NFC North would be with the rebirth of the Lions and the resurgence of the Bears in 2011, the Packers largely haven’t even noticed that those teams exist. Except for when Ndamukong Suh confirmed to the world that he’s a horrible person, I mean.

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