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Green Bay Packers Linebacker Erik Walden Released from Jail

Green Bay Packers linebacker Erik Walden was released from jail on Monday following a weekend-long stint on suspicion of domestic violence.

Walden was originally arrested on Friday in Brown County after his girlfriend called the police and told them that he had hit her. She would later alter the story and attempt to tell police that she hit him first, Country District Attorney John Zakowski told reporters.

As per the Washington Post, Walden’s girlfriend had head lacerations from falling onto a bed headboard and was treated at a local hospital.

Walden’s jail stay proved to be longer than it usually would be in such instances because of Thanksgiving holiday. Because of the holiday, the Packers linebacker was forced to stay in jail until Monday, at which point he was released on a $1,000 signature bond following a hearing in Green Bay.

Currently, no formal charges have been filed against Walden. Nevertheless, Zakowski has told reporters that he plans to investigate the matter further to determine whether or not this was truly a misunderstanding or if Walden’s girlfriend recanted her story to defend him.  

“We want to get things right and clearly here when people are watching to see what happens we are going to do the normal protocol and analysis and what that means is to follow-up and determining as best we can what happened and what can we prove,” he said.

Walden has started in all 11 of Green Bay’s wins this season, including the team’s 27-15 victory over the Detroit Lions this past Thursday.

The Packers linebacker is scheduled to return to court Dec. 7.

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