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Green Bay Packers Fans Have a Counterfeiting Problem

As if losing to the Kansas City Chiefs wasn’t enough of an embarrassment, now the Green Bay Packers and their fans appear to have a full-fledged counterfeiting problem on their hands.

The Packers have long-since been recognized as beneficiaries of the most diehard and loyal fans around. That’s why the sale of a virtually worthless stock was such a cash cow for Green Bay’s favorite corporation.

Going to home games -- assuming you have the means to do so -- is a basic responsibility of any and all team supporters, but because the season tickets wait list has been jammed up since the Ice Age, most folks have to settle for getting their tickets in other ways. Thus, as you would expect, there is a very healthy “day-of” situation going on in Green Bay where on game days, fans peddle unused tickets amongst themselves for inordinate amounts of dough. It’s common practice and all presumably done in good faith.

Or at least it used to be.

Now, as noted in a report by the Central Wisconsin Hub, an increasing number of tickets are being sold for counterfeit cash.

"You're really taking a chance when you sell a ticket to a complete stranger in a crowd of 70,000 -- because that person could disappear in a second, and you're left standing there with fake money," said Ashwaubenon Public Safety Lt. Jody Crocker, as per the Hub.

Apparently, the issue first started getting a groundswell of attention when businesses surrounding Lambeau Field and an assortment of fans began complaining about receiving counterfeit bills. When the complaints started coming in, authorities took to monitoring the situation and reportedly noticed that all of the bills had identical serial numbers.

Here is what is known about the suspected counterfeit money-users at this point:

Suspects are described as groups of two to four black men who do not wear game-day clothing, Crocker said. The suspects change clothes after buying the tickets, which are believed then to be sold to fans for real money. The suspects have not been identified and might live out of state, Crocker said.

"It's a big-money operation for them. This is common in any NFL area," he said.

So, if you’re a Packers fan who thought that life couldn’t get any worse than it did this past Sunday – it really, really can. Be cautious with to whom and for what you’re selling your unused game day tickets to, else you might get scammed by some very unscrupulous and uncreative (too lazy to change the serial numbers, really?) crooks.

Oh, also, if it’s not too much trouble, try not to choke your kids this week.

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