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Green Bay Packers Entangled in Quarterback Controversy

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings had something of an epiphany following Monday night’s 45-7 victory over the hapless Minnesota Vikings. He realized that his team is so ridiculously good compared to both the competition within his division and within his conference in general, that he doesn’t even need to pretend like they have anything to worry about it for the reporters’ sakes.

Instead, he manufactured a quarterback controversy. As per the good folks fromProFootballWeekly, here is what Jennings had to say after Monday’s win:

For comparison’s sake: Aaron Rodgers finished the day 23-of-30 for 250 yards and four touchdowns. Matt Flynn finished the day two-of-two for 38 yards.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that if we were discussing the Denver Broncos instead of the defending champions, the two guys’ respective performances probably would be grounds for a quarterback controversy.

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