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Green Bay Packers Dominating in 2011 Pro Bowl Voting

If you’re one of the many people in this world who go by the ancient NFL calendar, 2011 is the year of the Green Bay Packers.

As if starting 10-0 on the heels of a Super Bowl championship isn’t enough, Aaron Rodgers and company have also been identified by fans as the team which is in possession of the most Pro Bowl-worthy stars. (Amazingly, the Packers circa 2010 who barely made the playoffs didn’t have this problem).

Currently in NFC voting, a Green Bay player leads in an astounding 10 of 19 positions. Not enough Packers love? Well, two -- in Rodgers and Greg Jennings -- of the top six players are also members of the only team in the world that can soften Mercury Morris’ tough-to-crack shell

For obvious reasons, Rodgers is the leading vote-getter. He is followed by Tom Brady, Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Wes Welker, Greg Jennings, Drew Brees, Fred Jackson, Mike Wallace and Matt Forte.

Here is how the Packers voting breaks down, specifically: Rodgers (589,801 votes), Chad Clifton (152,501), T.J. Lang (120,249), Scott Wells (163,718), Mason Crosby (81,306), Desmond Bishop (157,403), Charles Woodson (298,376), Morgan Burnett (95,342), Jarrett Bush (49,909).

With so many high-priced, valuable commodities on the roster – it’s a wonder the team’s stock isn't flying off the shelves.

It also appears that our failed attempt at stirring up a quarterback controversy was all for naught.

We’ll do better next time.

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