Gray Maynard on Showdown vs. Clay Guida: "It was Just a Weird Fight"

Gray Maynard (11-1-1-1 NC) looks at his last fight against Clay Guida (29-13) and remains uncertain as to what his opponent's strategy was. The two fought at UFC on FOX 4 in a fight where Guida was criticized for not being combative throughout.

"It was just a weird fight," said Maynard on MMA Interviews. "This wasn't Clay Guida. This isn't who we prepared for."

Maynard would win the fight via split decision, but didn't enjoy the fight and takes no responsibility for that.

"Whenever you're trying to count points in your head, it's a f*cked up fight and that's what it got to," said Maynard. "It's stupid that we're now point fighting. It was just a dumb fight. I tried to fight. It's on him."

In the end, Maynard thought he clearly won and gave his take on why Guida performed as he did.

"Round one he was doing a little bit more, so it was hard to gage him," said Maynard. "Round two, I clipped him good, so I don't know if his eye got hurt or he got scared of the power. It changed after that, where it was more run and throw a punch instead of throw a couple and then moving out of there. You can't do that in a fight and win."

Following the fight, Dana White said a repeat performance would result in Guida's release. His next fight is unknown. Maynard is expected to fight Joe Lauzon (22-7) at UFC 155 on December 29.

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